Top Fit Women Videos

Here’s a round-up of the best videos about fit women:

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Fit Bodies

Here are some awesome fit women:



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Scott Sonnon Workout Program

I’ve recently seen a TED presentation by a gentleman named Scott Sonnon.

Although he’s just a fitness expert his motivational speech was amazing.

And that’s why I’ll add Scott Sonnon program to my arsenal to achieve the Hollywood body I’m looking for!

His fitness program is very hard… It’s not for everybody!

It’s ideal for those that really like (and can…) to workout hard. Luckily, I can and I’m always looking for programs that have all kinds of exercises.

I get bored quickly… so, this program is ideal for me.

It even uses kettlebell exercises, which I’ve never uses before.

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My dog has a Hollywood body…

I’m a proud owner of a wiener dog!

His name is Avenger is he’s 2 years old.

He’s the most adorable thing in world… He has never let me down… and I’m pretty sure he will never let me down.

I just love him so much.

He’s a miniature Dachshund with a huge heart!

And by the way… He has a fabulous Hollywood body! :)


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Saffron Extract, Serotonin & Weight Loss

Losing weight is theoretical speaking quite easy…

It all comes to an equation. The number of burned calories by your body must be higher than the number of calories you ingest. So, in order to achieve this there are a couple of options:

  1. You eat less and maintain your level of daily activity;
  2. You eat the same amount of calories and increase the level of activity;
  3. Or you just do both things, decrease the amount of ingested calories and increase the amount of exercise to burn more calories.

Of course, that in practice it is NOT easy to lose weight. Why? Because there is a 3rd vital component that must be added to the equation. I’m talking about your mind. Yes… that’s true your mind.

You’ve probably have heard about emotional eating. Right? And if you are overweight there a chance that you the problem well… A stressful life-style, jobs at risk, relationship and family problems are boosters to this problem.

In these situations our mind need something to make it feel good. When you eat there’s a substance called serotonin that has this function. You eat, and serotonin “tells” the brain “it’s ok, you can feel good now”, and thus it becomes almost like an addiction. You have to eat in order to fell good!

saffron & serotonin

And this is a major obstacle to most overweight people that try to lose weight. Luckily, there’s a new weight loss supplement derived from saffron, that has the ability, whenever is taken, to make our body release serotonin to the brain. This way you can control your cravings and don’t have to deal with emotional eating. Check out this site to learn more about this new breakthrough.

The commercial supplements come in 2 different forms: pure saffron extract supplement and satiereal saffron extract.

Remember that you should also opt for option 3, mentioned above, in order to create a calorie deficit that enables you to attain your goals faster!

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Another Breakthrough In The Battle Against Excessive Weight

Recent studies revealed another breakthrough in the fight against excessive weight. Scientists discovered that Green Coffee Beans have a compound, chlorogenic acid, that has the ability to boost the metabolic rate that results in fat loss.

In this study the subject lost an impressive average of 17 lbs in a 3 month period. The subjects were given Green Coffee Bean extract while subjects in a control group were given a placebo. You can learn more details about this study here:

When the outcome is impressive as this was, usually there some drawbacks. So, are there any side effects of using this supplement? In this study (and others…) there were not found any side effects. Well, maybe the only drawback is the fact that green coffee is a bit bitter! But who cares if it delivers this great results…

does green coffee bean extract work?You must not forget that supplements may be just a part of the solution. Although the results were obtain without huge changes in the lifestyles of the study subjects, you must be prepared to do it.

Sometimes people overeat, but most times people have a very poor food choice! So, just by cutting on foods rich in sugar and fat you’ll see some results. Opt for food rich in fiber, proteins and vitamins! Having the proper diet plan is also a vital part of the solution.

You should also increase the levels of your daily activity. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym and stick to a severe and intense workout plan… Walking is a great solution! So, just do it!

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Miraculous Weapon To Fight Obesity!

does garcinia cambogia extract work?Do you know anyone that’s overweight that doesn’t want to lose weight? Well… probably not. And due to changes in our life-styles you see more and more people struggling with those extra pounds. In fact, obesity is a serious public health issue that really need to be addressed in a completely different way by health government departments. Obesity is directly connect with heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, among many other known conditions.

Everybody knows that in order to lose weight one has to exercise more and make changes to his or her diet plan. Sometimes the problem is not eating too much, but rather a very poor food choice! Meals can still be delicious, but have more healthier foods with less calories.

But, how nice it would be if you could have an extra help that could have an effective contribute to weight loss? Did you ear about advanced garcinia cambogia extract? Is it another scam or does it really work? It seems that clinical studies have demonstrated that this new supplement is directly connected to weight loss.

How does it work? It works mainly by acting as a appetite suppressant! You can read more about it here: In a study, subjects have lost a considerable amount of weight without making changes to their life-style.

So, imagine how it would be if you use it and on top of that you make slightly changes to your day to day life. Start doing some exercise, for instance, walk more! Also, try to adopt a proper diet plan. Cut on fat, sugar and carbs. Combining this with Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplement will certainly ensure that you meet your goals: lose fat and weight, and be healthier!

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